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Real #Azazie Wedding | Jana + Michael

Jana & Michael had the most beautiful fairytale wedding at the Lionheart Chateau in West Virginia. We love the romantic, warm tones and dreamy details that filled their special day. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!


Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?
“We grew up in West Virginia but moved to Charleston, South Carolina after graduating college. Once we got engaged, I knew it would be so hard to find something as stunning as the venues in the historic lowcountry! Most of our family still lives in WV, so we decided to go home to get married. The Lionheart Chateau is such a beautiful venue tucked away in my hometown in Hurricane, West Virginia. It is actually someone’s home and they graciously open it to couples for a few select dates throughout the year. It is so breathtaking and I knew we could never find another place like it! The outdoor area in their backyard allowed us to have the ceremony and reception in the same place, which was important to me.”


Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?
“The Chateau sets the tone on its own- It has such a fairytale vibe to it due to the design of the home. I knew our wedding would be outdoors, so I tried to pick colors that would work well with all of the greenery on the lawn. The Azazie Mulberry was the perfect color against the grass and I used gold, dusty rose and pale pinks to go with it.”

Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?
“After the wedding ceremony and our group photos, there was still about 20 minutes left in our cocktail hour. Michael and I sat in a side room alone and our day-of-coordinator went and got us a plate of the appetizers that were being served. We didn’t quit moving the entire day, but for those few minutes we really got to sit and look at each other in private and soak it in that we were married!”


Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?
“I chose d'Azazie for the convenience for my bridal party. We all live in different cities, and I loved that they could order their own dress at their convenience and have the option to custom order it at no extra charge. I felt like the gowns were high quality for a fair price. This was my second time using Azazie, and one of my bridesmaids has picked out a style for us for her own wedding next spring!”

Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?
“I am a planner- and I tried to think of every detail. Which also meant I found a way to stress about every detail! Take the time to get things done ahead of time- and once your wedding weekend arrives… let it be! If something goes wrong.. it’s JUST a wedding, no one will notice but you and you will be just as married at the end of the day no matter what!”


Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?
“I really did. I hired a day of coordinator (which you should do- even the most OCD Bride can’t be everywhere on her wedding day!) But I did all of the searching for vendors and made the decisions myself. I thought it was a lot of fun and I really wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal! However, I am glad that it’s over because I did let it consume a lot of my time!”

Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?
“We used them in my maid of honor’s wedding in 2015!”


Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
“I would like to say a special thanks to everyone involved in our special day: from our parents, siblings, friends, vendors, and guests… we will always look back on this day and smile ear to ear. There’s not a moment we would change other than maybe being able to have the day in slow motion!”

Photos courtesy of Whitney Morgan Photography.

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