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Real Azazie Wedding | Cathy + Taylor

Cathy and Taylor celebrated their marriage at the St. Thomas More in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They sing in the choir there every Sunday and their choir sang for them on their big day!

Their wedding featured jewel tones, with rich and bright shades of blue, green, pink, and purple! Cathy’s bridesmaids were wearing our Cierra, Annabella and Clara dress while the groomsmaid chose the Kaya dress!

All photos were taken by Zoe Zen Photography.


Q: Where did you have your wedding reception?

“Then we had the reception at the Doubletree in Durham because we wanted to easily host all our out-of-state family and friends in a hotel near the airport, with the added bonus of a beautiful and charming venue for our pictures.”

Q: Why did you pick this color scheme?

“I started out with cobalt blue, which is my favorite color, and had the added bonus of looking great on all my bridesmaids! Adding other shades kept things interestingly varied (I’ve never been good at sticking to a strict color scheme), and the bright hues had the added bonus of looking great in small doses, which made decorating easy.”


Q: Pick the best part of your big day.

“​All of it!​ From proudly reciting my wedding vows to dancing the night away with my new husband. But the moment that will always stick with me is that moment when the church doors opened for my entrance. The choir was singing my favorite hymn (O God Beyond All Praising), and it was so beautiful I cried all the way down the aisle.”


Q: Why did you settle on Azazie for your bridesmaids dresses?

“​Azazie gave me all the flexibility I needed to find pretty dresses for a wedding party with a wide range of shapes and sizes!​ There were so many gorgeous options.

​Each of my bridesmaids–and Taylor’s sister, who was a groomsmaid–was able to find somewhere that worked uniquely for her, but also coordinated with the other girls’ dresses.”

Q: Where did you find Azazie?

“​I was in a wedding Facebook group, expressing my frustrations with the limited sizing of the places I’d looked, and someone mentioned Azazie. I checked out the site and was instantly hooked. With the range of sizes 0-30, the royal blue color I loved (and black for our groomsmaid), the useful filters, and the variety of attractive dresses, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.”


Q: Any tips for brides-to-be?

“My maid of honor helped keep me grounded by reminding me that the top priority is a meaningful ceremony (however each couple defines that), and that the most important and memorable parts of the reception would be good food and good music. I can confirm that a sacred ceremony, delicious food, and enjoyable music were the touchstones of our wedding, plus a great photographer to capture all of our special moments. Plenty of little things went wrong-I had something in the wrong order on our program, our first dance was…not the most coordinated, and the first piece of cake we cut fell on the ground- but no one noticed the program error and we all have hilarious memories of the dance and the cake cutting.”

Q: Did you enjoy planning the wedding?

“I enjoyed many aspects of the planning process, such as meal tastings and designing invitations, especially when Taylor and I could work as a team. For example, we’re both classically-trained musicians, so as an inside joke we used a font called Chopin for our names on the front of our wedding program.”

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      Hi Stephanie,
      These look like chiffon dresses in our Royal Blue color. But, we always recommend ordering color swatches because colors may look different under different lighting and devices.

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