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Real Azazie Wedding | Bridget + Matt

Break out your tissues readers, because Bridget had us in tears when she first told us her story during a stylist consultation call.

After two toxic marriages she described as “abusive,” Bridget has found that old saying “third time’s a charm” rings especially true when it comes to her fiancé Matt. The last time she walked down the aisle, she wore pants and the aisle was her front lawn. This time around, Matt encouraged her to plan the traditional wedding she’s always wanted, complete with “the” dress.

AZAZIE Plus Size Bridal Gown

But when it came to shopping, Bridget soon found frustratingly limited options for plus size brides, and exceedingly high tailoring costs to get a dress in her size. Adding insult to injury, the bridal shop charged extra for plus size gowns, on top of expensive tailoring.

Of course, Murphy’s Law would be that she wouldn’t discover Azazie’s Francesca gown, which can be made in any size for no additional cost, until she’d after she’d made a down payment on a dress she didn’t really want. Time would go by, and she’d find herself back on that page again and again, even though she’d already committed to buying another dress that she couldn’t return. But still, the Francesca called to her.

AZAZIE Plus Size Bride Francesca gown

After hearing her story of searching for both the right man who treats her right, and the right dress to fit her dream wedding, we wanted to help. We happily gifted Bridget with her Francesca gown. Here’s more on her story.

Photos by April Pierce of April Pierce Photography.
AZAZIE Francesca Bridal Gown

Q: How did you meet?
“Matt and I actually met at work. A cast iron foundry. A Dirty, sweaty, and sometimes dangerous job that came with no expectation of dating, or in my case, love. Our uniforms and hard hats weren’t exactly flattering. LOL”

Q: What were the colors of your wedding palette?
“Our wedding colors are a hodge-podge of taupe, burlap, beige, light brown, and dusty rose pinks. My bridesmaids will be choosing their dresses and colors, and even whatever texture they want. I want them to feel beautiful and comfortable. After all, I love each of them for who they are. They have all supported and loved me through everything, so I want them to stand beside me and showcase who they are.”

AZAZIE Plus size wedding dress

Q: Why the Francesca dress?
“I fell in love with several dresses. The Francesca seemed so soft and romantic and then you see the back and it says “fun and exciting.”

Q: Your wedding in one word.
“Describing my wedding in one word… Blissful. It seems to be the one description that seems fitting to just how excited and happy we are.”

AZAZIE plus size bridal

Q: Tell us a bit about the after party!
“After the vows, 100 of our dearest friends and our family will be joining us for a taco and nacho bar. A few signature cocktails, (adult and kid-friendly) dancing, and conversing.”

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?
“There are a million other things I would love to say. I just don’t know that I can clearly describe just how blessed we have been to have found each other. To say I love my fiancé is a huge understatement. As a little girl I dreamed of what my true love would be like, kind, caring, generous, smart funny, and loving. Matt embodies that, and so much more. We have the three most beautiful children who are just as excited as we are for our wedding day!!!”


    • Araceli

      Ro, She was a beautiful bride, we felt so honored to be part of her day. Thanks for your feedback! We regularly add and remove designs from our collection to make room for new designs and the dress in this blog post has unfortunately been retired. We do have a bridal gown that’s very similar named the Fantasia, it’s gorgeous!

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