Dressing The Bump: Your Maternity Gown Guide

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Dress: Kaitlynn

Leigh and Becca

We’re so excited to help all of our moms-to-be find a fabulous dress to celebrate with amazing brides-to-be. We know brides often want all of their bridesmaids to rock the same style of dress, and we always want to keep the comfort of expecting mothers in mind. So here are some of our favorite recommendations to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your maternity bridesmaid dress.

Maternity Styles
One of our first recommendations for bridesmaids who are expecting, is to check one of our maternity styles. These designs all have stretch lining, which means they are comfortable and expand easily with a growing baby bump.

The Perfect Match
We want to help you create the ultimate look for your wedding party, and which means we want to offer as many options as possible when one of your bridesmaids is expecting. Right now, we have a slightly more limited color palette because we are using brand new fabrics and want to make sure they are dyed beautifully. As we test new dyes, we will offer more colors in these styles.


Dress: Whitney

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Suggested Styles
With our maternity styles, our goal is to create looks that are similar to our standard line of bridesmaid dresses, but they are not an exact match. If you’re looking for all of your maids to walk down the aisle in the same dress, we have created more maternity friendly styles that are not included in our maternity line. A key difference is that these designs do not feature the same stretch lining.

Our Kaitlynn et Francesca dresses are floor-length styles that have empire waistlines to make room for your cute baby bump!


We’ve even tailored our Francesca skirt to drape beautifully over a growing belly.


Our Kaitlynn has wide straps for extra support, which can give you more room in the bust.


If you’re looking for a short dress, our Annabel dress is a beautiful style with extra supportive halter straps! These three styles are offered in most of our fabulous shades and can be worn by the entire wedding party!

Your Perfect Size
Finding your perfect size can be a challenge, but always remember that you can always contact our amazing customer service team for recommendations! But, it can still be a little difficult to estimate how much your body will change during this time. Which is why we recommend ordering no sooner than 10 weeks before the big day.

When ordering a dress from our maternity line, we recommend only measuring your bust and hips to find the closest match on our size chart. Since all of the dresses have stretch lining, we’ll make sure your get a comfortable fit. If you decide to choose one of our recommended non-maternity bridesmaids dresses, you will need to measure your bust, waist and hips. We also suggest ordering a custom-sized dress with your measurements, and having it tailored to fit your body closer to the time of the event.


Dress: Flora

Leigh and Becca

Our rule of thumb is that your belly may grow about 1 inch every 4 weeks. We recommend waiting until you’re ready to order before measuring the largest part of your waist. And then add to your waist measurement according to that estimation. You may want to add a couple of inches to your bust measurement if you’re seeing a lot of growth. If not, staying with your current measurement should be fine.

We want all of our bridesmaids to feel confident and beautiful, and that doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant! There’s nothing more beautiful than a beaming bridesmaid with a mother’s glow! Don’t forget to reach out to our amazing customer service team if you need anything! We know that every bump is unique and our stylists are here to give you advice and help you find your perfect dress.


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  1. Natolie Bester dit :

    Thank you for putting this information together! It has made me feel a lot more confident in my measurement estimations and has helped me understand the differences in the maternity dresses and given me the confidence to choose a non maternity style with an empire waist that most flatters my taste and my bump beautifully!

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