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How to Make your Maid of Honor Stand Out

Whether she is your best friend or your sister (or both!) this girl has been by your side through the good and the bad. She was the first friend you told about your engagement, the one who is down to binge watch rom-coms and order pizza late at night. She is your wing woman, and you could not imagine walking down the aisle without her by your side. So naturally, you would want her to feel special on this big day. Here are some of our favorite ways to show your maid of honor that you hold her near and dear to your heart.

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Photo by: April Maura

  • Color me pretty

There is something about having different hues of complimentary colors that is so fun and beautiful. It is a great way to add personality into your wedding. If your bridesmaids are all wearing the same color, try a darker shade for your MOH. The best thing is that you can go lighter or darker when choosing a stand-out shade for your best friend.

Bridesmaids, wedding, bridal, maid of honor, wedding planning

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  • Patterns!

Patterns are so cute any time of year, so why not incorporate it into your big day? Let your MOH express herself through her dress and find an adorable pattern to rock. It is going to add texture to your wedding party and is perfect for a springtime wedding.

Veronica Ellerman

Photo by: Veronica Ellerman

  • Make her shine – literally.

Add some bling on your special day on your special gal. This is such a fun way to differentiate your best friend in the wedding party. It will make her feel extra dazzling and it doesn’t hurt that you will be able to find her in an instant in the crowd. A sparkly dress is always fun! You can even try a fun hair piece or a statement necklace to add an extra element of sparkle.

bridesmaids, bridal, wedding, wedding party, maid of honor

Photo by: Kandace Photography

  • Choose a different style

So you don’t want to stray away from your color theme – we totally get it! Put your best woman in a different dress style for a subtle yet noticeable difference. If the rest of your girls are slaying the strapless dress, opt for a different neckline for your favorite girl.
Lisa Lytton

Photo by: Lisa Lytton Photography

  • Change up the length

Length is an awesome and easy way to show your guests who your right hand woman is. A long dress makes her feel more glamorous while a shorter one can make her feel more fun and flirty. One way to decide is to ask your maid of honor which length she feels comfortable in and go from there! If your favorite lady is wearing a shorter dress, she can also try a stand out pair of shoes to further compliment you on your big day.

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