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Make Room for the Groom: Suit + Tie

It can be hard to decide on the type of tie and then on the style or pattern of the tie for the groomsmen of a wedding. Here are 4 quick fashion tips to help get you started.

Mix and Match

Traditionally, the groomsmen attire is similar or even the same as the groom and then set to match the bridesmaids. However, new trends are all about mixing and matching. As long as there is a cohesive element to the ensemble and it follows the overall color palette for the day, it’s fine to deviate from tradition. We’re not talking about just the groomsmen but about the wedding party as a whole. Want a retro vibe? Go for it! The outfits don’t have to be the exact same as long as they are conveying the same look and feel.

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Breaking Down Tie Knots 

In today’s casual world, most men don’t wear a tie everyday and most only know one basic tie knot. You could spend all day learning the different types of tie knots and still not know all of them! Fear not! It’s not hard to pick the best tie knot for the big day.

For those with a slimmer face, the most common tie knot is a great pick. This four-in-hand knot is a small size so as to not overwhelm the face. For the average guy with a medium face, the tried and true half-Windsor knot is a winner. With a fuller face, a thicker tie knot such as the Windsor knot helps to balance out the overall look well.

Ah, the Age Long Debate Over Tie or Bow-tie or Even No-tie!

We happen to love all three – each have their own merits! An important note to keep in mind is how formal the wedding is. If the wedding is billed as a “White Tie” or “Black Tie” event (two of the most formal dress codes), the groomsmen should go with the more formal bow tie. For less formal events such as a country-side barn wedding or a destination beach wedding, ties or even mixes of different types are acceptable!


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Bright Hues, Pin Stripes, Plaid, Polka Dots

The huge selection of patterns for ties can get overwhelming. Let your imagination run wild – the possibilities are endless as long as you keep to the selected color scheme and theme! As usual, think unity. It’s important to maintain cohesion among the groomsmen and as an extension, with the bridal party as well. If everyone decides to match with striped ties except for one groomsmen, it might look disordered and scattered.

Try picturing the look first in your head and then widen that image to include other groomsmen and see how and if the themes are maintained there. Then for a final check, take into account the color and style of the bridesmaids dresses and imagine the entire wedding party. Random patterns can be done well as long as it’s done in an organized and in a collective fashion.

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