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Love Is Not Cancelled | Congrats to Giveaway Winner, Alison Seitz!

This month, d'Azazie ran a Social Media giveaway where we asked real brides-to-be to share their personal stories during the COVID-19 pandemic for a chance to win a free Azazie bridal gown for their wedding. It is our pleasure to help each of these women make their weddings as special as possible during this challenging time!

Here is our third Giveaway winner, Emilie Seitz!

My name is Emilie Seitz. This email isn’t on behalf of myself but rather my sister, Alison who is pushing the date of her original wedding due to COVID-19. Alison and her fiance, Mike still want to get married on their original date (June 27th) and so they’ve opted to plan a smaller ceremony. Alison is my big sister and my best friend.

Real Brides, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

d'Azazie team, I’m more of a logistical person so when COVID-19 hit and she needed to alter plans I very “matter of factly” gave her the order and sequence in which I would go about re-planning things. The one thing that I wasn’t prepared for was when she asked, “What about my dress?”. There was no “logic” I could offer her when her wedding dress is supposed to symbolize the start of a new beginning. What kind of beginning was this supposed to be? We both started breaking down in tears. Tears that were so different from the ones shared when we first picked out her gown 8 months ago. 

Alison works full-time as an Occupational Therapist in the Ohio School district. She is still working from home everyday making conference calls to the parents of pre-school and elementary kids who rely on her services now more than ever. She uses every free second she has to plan her backup ceremony including a new venue, flowers, and a new dress. She has been incredibly resilient through all of this. You will not find a more beautiful bride inside and out. She has already lost so much of her dream and when it comes to a new dress, I don’t want her to settle for less. 

Real Brides, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, I will be the only bridesmaids standing by her in June. However, come August we will all be wearing d'Azazie! Your company has already helped us find gorgeous dresses for her big ceremony, I am asking if you could now do the same for Alison on her June 27th ceremony. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

We are happy to announce that Alison will be receiving a free Azazie wedding dress!

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