Love Is Not Cancelled | Congrats to Giveaway Winner, Elizabeth Soreng!

This month, d'Azazie gave away wedding dresses to five lucky brides-to-be! During the Coronavirus pandemic, it is our pleasure to help our customers feel beautiful on their wedding days!

Here is the story of our fourth winner, Elizabeth Soreng!

Hello to whoever is reading this, I pray you have been able to make the best out of social distancing! My name is Elizabeth Soreng, and thanks to d'Azazie I was able to find the dress I want to walk down the aisle in!

  Prior to getting engaged I’ve thought about my wedding day and all of the wedding bliss experiences. A week after attending the NY Wedding Expo in Long Island my fiancé and I secured our wedding venue in New Rochelle. In the midst of all of my wedding bliss, the Coronavirus was brewing rampant in New York. We were contacted by the venue that our originally planned date in June would most likely need to be pushed back. We decided to go with our second date December 27th  Then a week after, the entire New York State was placed on a mandatory quarantine. This meant I could not go wedding dress shopping! In all of this mayhem I received an email from d'Azazie. I clicked the link in the email and was quite amazed.

  I initially was browsing the site for bridesmaid dresses. I saw a few styles and sent it to my bridal party. The girls were excited, and my maid of honor ordered her dress through the “try on option”. It was a hassle-free process, and in fact I was able to see another color. I initially wanted my bridesmaids to wear a burgundy color dress, however seeing how the cabernet color looked I went with that color instead. My maid of honor ordered her dress and shipped back the samples. My bridesmaids hassle-free experience prompted me to go ahead and give trying on wedding dresses at home.

  I saw some gorgeous wedding dresses on your site, and with a simple click I received the dresses delivered to my house. The experience of shopping for a wedding dress was intimate. My father has lymphoma, and prior to the coronavirus we were cautious of bringing him outside due to his fragile immune system. Hence why I always said I would not want a drawn out engagement. I want my father to be there every step of the way.  My father was able to be there alongside my mom in the comfort and safety of our home for my wedding dress try-on. My sister, who is Active Duty military was able to FaceTime me and see the dresses I was trying on. Honestly the best part of trying on wedding dresses was the sense of normalcy during this pandemic.

  Yes, my original wedding date was pushed back, however I’ll still be able to say I do, just at a later time. I wasn’t able to shop in fancy stores, but honestly saying “ yes to the dress” with my mom and dad there in my house was a priceless moment. During these uncertain times, having an online company like d'Azazie is truly a blessing. I ordered my wedding veil, and my entire bridal party ordered their dresses from the site as well. I was about to order my dress when I sent this message to your IG account. I received a message about emailing my story. I looked at your site and realized your gifting 5 lucky brides a wedding dress. I was grappling with applying because I was wondering if I am truly in need. My reality set in, my income is currently supporting my parents and I. Being one of the chosen brides would definitely help me out immensely, either way d'Azazie you’re an amazing bridal site PERIOD! Wedding dresses that are affordable and elegant combined is amazing, who would have thought an online bridal store would have such great selections.  

  I could only have been able to apply if it were not for meeting representatives from d'Azazie at the New York Wedding Expo in Long Island. My fiancé registered for us to attend, and I can honestly say I am quite glad! 

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