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Love Is Not Cancelled | Congrats to Giveaway Winner, Brittney Beres!

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, d'Azazie held a special Social Media Giveaway as a way to bring some happiness to 5 deserving brides-to-be! We asked real brides-to-be to share their personal stories during this challenging time for a chance to win a free Azazie bridal gown for their wedding. It is our pleasure to help each of these women celebrate the love and joy in their lives, and bring them hope at a time when we all need it most.

Here is the story of our first winner, Brittney Beres:

My friend just recently introduced me to d'Azazie when she sent your website over for us to pick a bridesmaid dress for her wedding. This will be the sixth wedding I get to be a bridesmaid in…making this dress the SIXTH time I am having to spend outside of my means for a dress I will never wear again…well…until you guys. I was shocked and nothing shy of elated when I saw your selection, prices, and willingness to custom tailor without any additional cost. I was so glad she found you guys!!

Fast forward to March 28th— my very best friend of ten years had planned to propose to me on our first beach vacation together in Galveston Tx. He is a firefighter, so it is really difficult to align his random days off with mine, but somehow we had managed to do it!  But on March 18th, Galveston Island closed to tourists due to COVID-19. We made lemonade out of lemons and “vacationed” in a small country town called Electra, Texas. They only have one gas station, one Sonic, and one donut shop…but they DO have plenty of open land to camp out for a Texas sky sunset. His romantic beachside proposal turned into a socially-distant country quarantine proposal in the bed of his truck. It was so “us” and it was so perfect. However, it is sad not being able to celebrate that moment or share our joy with our friends and family- especially right now when people need a reason for joy the most! We stayed quarantined for two weeks then celebrated with his parents, but I have still not been able to see my mom. She only has 67% lung function and is sick because she has a fatal lung disease called pulmonary hypertension; thus putting her in the most severe at-risk category of people during this time. 

Real Brides, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

BUT- it is time to make some more lemonade from these crazy lemons!! Just this week my friend had received her swatches from you guys and finally decided on “sky blue”. So when I went to order my bridesmaid dress,  and swatches for my wedding, the “bridal” tab caught my eye. Again, I could not believe the prices and your willingness to offer free returns! I told my mom I had an idea- I was going to order some wedding dresses from Azazie, create a little outdoor boutique in her backyard, and let her watch me try them on from inside her house so she could still be apart of this happy time. Then she of course happy cried on the phone with me 🙂 I tried to order four haha but completely understood the 2 dress limit. 

Even if a more deserving bride-to-be wins, it still made me happy that this giveaway gave me a reason share with you my story. Because of your amazing prices and even better customer service/policies, I will be able to make some pretty dang good lemonade for my mother who hasn’t tasted sweetness from lemons in a long time. I cant wait to get my dresses in the mail and finally have a way to share some joy during this time.

Thank you for the lemonade. 

Real Brides, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

Stay tuned as we continue to announce each of our giveaway winners!

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