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How to Throw a Sample Party

AZAZIE Sample Dress Party Guide


One of the most fun parts of dress shopping with Azazie (besides actually getting the dress!) is trying on sample dresses. You can choose up to three bridesmaid dresses or two wedding gowns from our sample collection at a time, and we’ll ship them to your door via UPS Ground. You get to hang onto them for up to a week before shipping them back with our prepaid UPS return label. Easy peasy!

Once the samples arrive, why not make an affair of it? Gather your ladies together with drinks, snacks, and maybe a few party favors, and have yourself a great little shindig!


  • Encourage your ladies to buy the shoes they plan to wear to the party, and you’ll get the double bonus of checking “Remind bridesmaids to buy shoes” off of your list early, AND getting a better idea of everyone’s measurements in their shoes before they order.
  • Use your complimentary Azazie tape measure (included with every sample order!) to take each girl’s measurements. Watch our how-to videos for taking your measurements correctly.
  • This is a great time to talk about accessories with your girls and make a plan for completing the look, too!

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