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Behind-the-Dress: A Look Inside Our Factories


Having a made-to-measure platform means that there’s a story behind every dress. A lot of talent goes into bringing the best possible product to our customers, from the factory floor to right your door.

For part one of our Behind-the-Dress series, we’re taking you on a little tour of our factories. Let’s go and see where all the magic happens!

The Factories


We work with independent garment factories throughout China that typically employ around 15 to 30 experienced dressmakers. Partnering with these small-scale producers, who work with prominent brands from across the globe, offers flexibility for our unique made-to-order business model.

The Material


In order to ensure that quality standards are met, all fabrics and other materials are sourced in-house. Our suppliers are selected based on the sophistication of their weaving and dyeing techniques, where new fabrics are sent to the factories every week.

The Process


First, pattern makers cut the fabric according to the style and size. A dressmaker then works with them to complete the design, making sure that details and fit are exact to the customer’s specifications. After the dress is inspected for loose threads and other imperfections, it’s pressed, packed, and shipped to Azazie!

The People

Chatting with Dressmaker Jack Wu

Jack_WuQ: How long have you been a dressmaker?
“I’ve been a dressmaker for more than 20 years!”

Q: Why did you decide to become a dressmaker?
“My father was a tailor. That’s how I started—as an apprentice.”

Q: What is your typical day like?
“I start work at 8 o’clock. The factory manager assigns our tasks and we work on the dress with pattern makers. After a dress is finished, I’ll put it on a mannequin to check the fit. Then it goes to the quality control department. I can usually finish two bridesmaid dresses before going home.”

Q: What’s your favorite Azazie style and color?
“My favorite style is Beatrice. It’s a new style. I prefer warm colors like Dusty Rose, Coral and Papaya.”

Q: Share something fun about yourself!
“When my wife and I got married 10 years ago, I made 5 different dresses for her to wear on our wedding day.”


  • Anna Kain

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    Hi! Would love to know a little more about where the dresses are made. I am interested in making sure I buy my gown and bridesmaid’s dresses from a company that pays a fair wage and has ethical work conditions in the factories the products are made in. What can you tell me about Azazie? Thanks!

    • Andrea Tucker

      Hi Anna! We work very closely with all of our factories. Please reach out to customer service, as they would love to talk more about our factories and production with you!

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