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Tips for Your Engagement Photos Outfit

Having your engagement photos taken marks the beginning of the wedding planning process and choosing the right outfit for them can be a difficult decision. Before even thinking about what you’re going to wear, it’s important to consider what kind of vibe you want the photos to exude – do you want natural light or artificial? Casual or formal? Quirky or romantic? These are all things to think about. Then it comes to finding the right photographer to carry out your vision through their artistic lens.

We’ve put together some tips to help you narrow down at least one important element of the shoot: your outfit. While it may not seem as intimidating as picking out a wedding dress, it is helpful to put some thought into it so the photos come out exactly as you envisaged them.

Location, Location, Location

The first thing to consider when putting together your outfit is the location of the shoot. Most couples take outdoor engagement photos and the outfit’s formality should be fitting for that. Wearing pumps and a figure hugging skirt for a woodland shoot will look out of place, but it might be the right choice for an urban location.

Bring on the Bling

This is no time to slack on accessorizing. Apart from your engagement ring, it’s always good to also add a statement necklace or earrings for the camera to pick up on, while not overdoing it. Having these accents definitely adds a je ne sais quoi to your outfit.

Show Em’ Off

Apart from dressing for comfort, it’s also important to show off your best assets? If you’re extra proud of your pins, then wear a dress that shows them off! Focus on comfort and fit – nothing that’s too tight or loose. Feel great, look great.

Cool Coordination

While it might to be too clichéd to be matchy-matchy with your partner, it is good to coordinate in terms of style and even color. That day is all about you two, after all.

Movement and Flow

Another important thing to consider is the way your clothing moves. Chances are, your photographer will want to take some action shots, in which case a flowy number will look stunning.

Be Bold

If color is your thing, then don’t let the over-thinking of your engagement photo outfit stop you from wearing as much color as you want. Just make sure to avoid neon colors as it may not photography well or a color that overpowers your partner’s outfit.

Shoe Thing

Wearing brighter shoes is a great way to add some balance to a more muted outfit. So get out your favorite shoes and strut with style.

Be you!

pexels-photo-large 4.07.07 PMAs always the most important thing to remember for your engagement photos, and for the entire wedding planning process in general, is to just be yourself and that you’re beautiful!

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