6 Unexpected Wedding Color Combinations

All weddings are not created equal. On top of your choice in venue, flowers, and wedding decorations, the color you want your bridesmaids to wear is, in fact, one of the most important factors to consider for the big day. Since your bridesmaids will be by your side for a majority of pictures, we’re positive you’ll want your bridesmaids to be picture perfect. Here, you can find six wedding color combinations that stand out from the traditional wedding colors to make your special day a memorable one.

The Gradient Gals

This colorful gradient makes the bride-to-be’s beautiful white gown pop in pictures. Each individual bridesmaid wears a contrasting color, allowing your bridesmaids to showcase their own individual style all the while matching cohesively with the rest of the girls.


Little Mrs. Sunshine

Shine bright like the sun itself! Yellow definitely stands out and looks best when complemented with an outdoor venue. This bold color is unexpected, but it’s absolutely festive and refreshing for a spring or summer wedding.


Via Melissa Tuck

Red-Ready Carpet Ladies

Although spring and pastel colors are typically favored at weddings, red is a bold color that exudes both confidence and femininity. Your bridesmaids are going to strut their stuff down the aisle like a red carpet!


Photo Credit: Tony Gambino Photography 

All White, All Right

Once considered taboo, it’s now more acceptable to have bridesmaids wear white as they walk down the aisle alongside the bride. The key here, is for the bride to stand out from the bridesmaids. The best way is to wear an eye-catching veil or a wedding dress with a long train. Or, some brides have even worn a neutral colored wedding dress like Ivory or Champagne while their bridesmaids wear white.

Photo Credit: Christine Farah

The Little Bridesmaid Dress, or LBD

A little black dress is both a classic and timeless piece to wear at almost any semi-formal occasion. Add a touch of playfulness and femininity by incorporating certain textures or styles with this serious color, like lace or side-slit details.


Featured Image: Aislinn Kate Photography

Springtime Pastels

If you can’t decide on a specific color for your bridesmaid dresses, you don’t have to! Spring and summer serve as the perfect seasons to hold a pastel-themed wedding. As long as each bridesmaid wears a different shade of pastel, your bridal party will look effortlessly chic.


Via Caroline Tran

What’s your favorite wedding color combination? Let us know!

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