4 Rules For Picking a Bridesmaid Dress

Choosing the right bridesmaid dress can be very tricky. While selecting the right wedding dress is a decision that ultimate comes down to the bride, choosing the right bridesmaid dress requires taking a number of considerations and opinion into account. We’ve put together a short list of general rules that all bridesmaid dresses should tick.

Fits the Formality

First and foremost, the bridesmaid dress should look coherent to the venue and overall aesthetic of the wedding. The color, length, and structure of the dress depends on whether the other guests are expected to dress casually, semi-formally, or formally. Formal venues, like in a church or ballroom, calls for floor-length gowns, more structure on the bodice, and a more toned down color. On the other hand, outdoor venues allow more more playful colors, a shorter length, and more experimental styles.


Photo Credit: Kinsley Taylor Photography

Show Her Special Role

The bridal party is in attendance not only as a guest but to accompany the bride so naturally, her attire should allow her to stand out. In terms of style, this means that her dress pairs well with the bride’s and the overall palette of the wedding. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to match in terms of color but more so with hue and the overall color family.


While mismatching bridesmaid dresses have been extremely popular, it’s still important for the bridesmaids to look like a coherent group, which follows from the previous point. Variation needs to be balanced with a consistent element, whether it’s color or style.

24677350845_a7a7fea2f7_oFeatured Image: Elizabeth Friske Photography


Being a bridesmaid is not just about looking great – there are a host of responsibilities and that the bridesmaid role needs to fulfill during an often super-hectic day. This is why it’s important that her dress is comfortable.

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