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Bridal Styles Through the Decades

Azazie Indie Bridal Gown

Wedding dress styles have changed drastically in the past century. Decisions about color, length, and material have often reflected the prominent events and values of the times. Let’s travel through the 20th century to see the evolution of bridal styles! Photo: Katya Higgins Photography 1910s- With World War I shaping the decade, wedding dresses of the […]

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Cyber Monday is Coming!

Mark your calendars! Our biggest sale of the year is just around the corner! Photo: Asher and Emily Photography Starting on Friday, November 25, 2022, you will get the largest discount all weekend long… on EVERYTHING! That includes: All sample dresses All bridesmaid dresses (NEW styles available here!) All bridal gowns (NEW styles available here!) […]


Best Wedding Songs for Your First Dance

wedding music, Azazie, bridesmaid dress, guitar, wedding dance, first dance

The bride and groom’s first dance is one of the best moments of the wedding that everyone will remember for years after. What that moment is, however, completely depends on you! The first thing you are bound to ask is: What song? Whether you want something current, country, or classic, these are a few popular wedding […]

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Comparaisons des couleurs des robes de demoiselle d'honneur Azazie - Laquelle est laquelle?

Choisir des couleurs de robe en ligne peut parfois ressembler à un grand jeu de devinettes. Cette couleur a-t-elle vraiment l'air si brillante en personne? À quel point cette couleur diffère-t-elle de l'autre ? À quoi ressemblera cette robe le soir versus pendant la journée ? Et quelles couleurs vont le mieux ensemble ? l peut être difficile de [...]