10 Ways to keep your guests hydrated at your summer wedding

You’ve got your venue, the date, the food, and the drinks down for your summer wedding.  Now it is time to start thinking about how you will keep your guests and wedding party hydrated so that they enjoy every moment of your wedding.

Here’s how you can add some cool and fun moments while taking care of your guests!

  1. A printable DIY program that can also be a fan

program image 1


  1. A bucket full of water for your guests

water- image 2

Wedding Chicks

  1. Serve pink lemonade in mason jars

pink lemonade- image 3

DIY & Crafts

  1. Custom lip balms

lip balm- image 4

My Wedding Reception Ideas

  1. Shades for all

Sunglasses- image 5


  1. Coconut water cart

coconut cart- image 6

Rock My Wedding

  1. Watermelon bites

watermelon- image 7

Weddings Online

  1. Ice cream truck

Happy Wedd

  1. Prosecco popsicles

popsicles- image 9


  1. Custom facial mist

facial mist- image 10


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