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Hello, Lovelies! How’s the weather wherever you are? The end of August has rolled around, and we’re finally seeing the temperature cool down. The Azazie team is happy to be able to start pulling out our knit sweaters and fall booties! On another note, it has been a hot minute since we’ve done an Instagram roundup! There have been so many gorgeous brides and bridesmaids sending in pictures and tagging us online, we’re morally obligated to show you these beauties. Without further ado, here’s our latest Instagram roundup.

IMG_1314 (1)@jenna_photo  
Dresses in Champagne

IMG_1969 (1)@gricelsphotography
Dresses in Dusty Rose

5D3_4337 (1)@marcellalaine
Dresses in Dusty Blue

image2 (1)@andreaelizabethphotog
Dresses in Black

WeddingParty (1)@smithhouseweddings
Dresses in Blushing Pink, Pearl Pink (sequin and chiffon) and Marigold

Dress in Wistera

IMG_0298 (1)@heathereetheridge
Dresses in Dark Navy

MaryAnneStevenWED-0295 (2)@mnguyenpowell
Dresses in Grape

Rae & Bridal Party (1)@expsd
Dresses in Lemon

IMG_0017 (1)
Dresses in Dusty Blue

Image-4 (1)@chelann23
Dresses in Red

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