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6 Popular 2016 Spring Wedding Colors

Colors (like weddings) transport us to a different place and time. Thinking of a spring wedding? With chirping birds and newly blooming flowers just around the corner, let’s take a look at the colors that will be trending this upcoming spring season!

The fashion color report for spring 2016 reveals trends shifting toward a natural and calming palette, as well as favoring unexpected and unconventional color combinations. These colors include rich brights that exude optimism and happiness as well as soothing neutrals and classic tones.

Among the colors that fit this description are Pantone’s Color of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Check out our love for that pairing in this blog post.

We sorted through the rainbow and picked 6 of our favorite most popular spring colors for some wedding inspiration. Take a look!


Lemon is such a bright and strong color that it can be almost overpowering at times. However, 2016 is all about bold color usage. Lemon represents natural beauty and a shift toward vivid colors. Vibrant shades like lemon work fantastic when paired with more subtle tones. Shades of purple, blue, and grey work great in contrast to lemon.



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When has grey ever been out of season? Grey is an easygoing and classic color, making it consistently a top pick for weddings. This season’s grey has a distinctive lilac and lavender undertone, a transformative take on a basic timeless color.


Looking for that romantic touch to your wedding but feeling sick of the overdone pinks and blues? Consider papaya, an ethereal orange tone with hints of pink. Don’t be afraid to forgo traditional wedding colors in exchange for more daring color usage; it might just pay off! Papaya is the perfect warm and gentle shade of orange to play with, especially when mixed with sparkling gold and other pink hues!


Photo Credit: Kate Supa Photography


Taupe is set to become a strong neutral for the spring season. It has a strong earthy quality that has limitless applications. We love the subtle hues and softness of taupe. It’s great as a foundational and balancing color or even as a stand-alone shade for a more rustic, homey vibe.

taupe wedding colors

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Photo Credit: Amanda Adams Photography

Royal blue

Royal blue is perfect for many different themes, whether you’re planning a smaller event or going for a big destination wedding. This shade of blue is energetic and luxurious. It’s an amazing bold color to start building your wedding palette around. It’s cool tones pair well with almost any other color. We love it next to yellow or even a classic white.

royal blue wedding dress

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This earthy tone radiates openness and challenges its wearers to be more daring. We love that this shade is pushing the envelope of conventional wedding colors. It shows a shift toward more natural and country hues. We adore this color paired with royal blue.


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