Champagne Wedding Dresses


Why They Chose Champagne For Their Wedding

Champagne bridal gowns are the epitome of sophistication and timeless elegance. Less stark than the traditional white, Champagne gives the bridal look a more effortless feel. More and more popular in recent years, Champagne bridal gowns is an understated option while still exuding an air of luxury. It pairs seamlessly into all wedding palettes and themes. Dress it up with a dramatic gown with a princess silhouette or dress it with a satin Champagne gown, which is perfect for a fun vintage-style wedding.


I just didn't think that I looked that good in White, so I decided to choose a colored wedding dress. Champagne ended up being the best choice because it goes well with any color. Our wedding palette was colorful, so I knew I couldn't pick a real color dress like pink. I was happy with my choice.

- Joan

My wedding theme was Old Hollywood glam, so I wanted a dress that went well with that. I felt that Champagne had a more vintage vibe than white. I ended up choosing the Azazie Lizbeth, which looked so gorgeous in Champagne. My bridesmaids wore navy dresses, which also looked really great next to the dress.

- Wendi

For my second marriage, I didn't want to wear white but I also didn't want to wear a dark color. After some looking, I came across Champagne and fell in love. It was actually perfect because it's a very flattering color and was easier to pull off than white. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

- Tammy

I was pretty much sold after ordering a Champagne color swatch from Azazie. It just looked so luxurious and different from a traditional white gown. I thought that it went even better with the bridal party and my husband's suit than white. Highly recommend!

- Alexa

My wedding had kind of an art nouveau theme to it, so I wanted something that would represent that vibe. I chose a flowing satin Champagne gown and paired it with a lot of chunky gold accessories. It was definitely different but very me. My bridesmaids wore a darker shade of beige. It was a huge hit.

- Simone