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Azazie Ginger
By lm on December 01, 2016
The dress and color was perfect everything that I was looking for! I loved it, I would fully recommend it to anyone. The only thing is that it did come out a little too long.
Azazie Yazmin
By Christina on December 01, 2016
I had certain criteria for my bridesmaids dresses. They were: 1 - Chiffon 2 - Blushing Pink 3 - Floor Length One of my bridesmaids picked this dress, and she looked BEAUTIFUL. It fit her like a glove!
Azazie Ginger
By ilonakiss on December 01, 2016
Super long by feet, and saggy on sheer material on back. just plan on altering it, Maybe. $119 for the dress and plus $60 to alter, can't beat it! size A19 I think I ordered. I'm a 38D bra size and 12 jeans, go by bust measurement I'd say, rest will fit.
Azazie Kate
By Mareisha Yvette on November 30, 2016
My girls chose this to be their bridesmaids' dress and after ordering the trial version, I couldn't be more happy! I'm so in love and can't wait to see all of them in it.
Azazie Iman
By kdeichsel on November 29, 2016 Dress Color: Ivory
This was my reception dress. It was sexy and flowy and gorgeous. I added a little sparkle to the waist band and felt like a goddess all night. When it arrived, it only needed minor alterations: hemmed by 2 inches, brought up the neckline about 1 inch, and took in the waist band by about 1 inch. I had lost a bit of weight since ordering, but because it was custom, i received full reimbursement for my alterations. For canadian buyers, please be aware that customs will run you about $30 - 35; however, for the dress, shipping cost, customs, and added embellishment, this dress cost me about $275 canadian dollars. I felt like a million. It also shipped incredibly quickly (under 3 weeks) and was constructed beautifully. Thank you for this amazing service!!! my only warning - ivory was a lot whiter than expected. My fascinator and veil is in ivory but the dress looks stark white in comparison. Perhaps choose the champagne or blush colour instead.
Azazie Ayana
By Kvoigt88 on November 28, 2016 Dress Color: Ivory
Since my husband and I eloped last October, I ordered this dress to wear for the reception we held on our one year anniversary! Although it was listed as a bridesmaid dress, it was just the style I was looking for - light and comfortable material with relaxed sheer sleeves and knee length. I ordered it in the ivory which was absolutely perfect and the A10 size fit my 6ft tall body just right. I added a brown ribbon to the waist to give it just a pop of color. We had our reception at a roller rink so when my husband and I did our skate dance together, I felt so graceful and elegant as my dress was flowing while we glided. It was very comfortable and easy to skate in and I never worried that it was too short - I felt like a classy roller skating goddess and the amount of compliments I received were overwhelming! No complaints at all, I loved this dress very much and I'm incredibly glad I stumbled across it to wear for our special celebration! :)
Azazie Hillary
By Shanda1182 on November 28, 2016 Dress Color: Grape
The dress option size ran larger than expected. I did have to see a seamstress, in which I added a few more inches for the heels in which I did not need to do because the dress was long enough. It was suggested by the seamstress to hem the dress so if I decided to take the shoes off at the wedding the dress wouldn't drag. Plus the seamstress stated that if someone was to step on the dress with their heels the dress will rip very easily because of the material. The dress also snagged very easily and you couldn't really pull the string because it would ruin the dress. The dress was very light and being busty the dress was padded in which was a good thing. You have to wear a backless and strapless bra because of the back dress being cut low. The color was beautiful and the whole bridal party was just amazing!!
Azazie Iman
By koreanchick1019 on November 26, 2016
THIS DRESS IS EVERYTHING. we gotten sooo many complement from the people at the wedding!!! including the professional wedding photographer (whom she went to million weddings). also this dress is meant for every body form! so all the bridemaids looked flawless. we got it costume fit but it needed bit of adjustment. we should have went to seamstress get the measurement instead of doing our selves :P thank you for the beautiful dresses, just waiting for my wedding to come to order here again ;)
Azazie Carissa
By Jerrilynlanier on November 23, 2016
1st off the customer service with this company is amazing. My dress arrived with a stain. There was no time for me to get a new dress. They fully reimbursed my dry cleaning bill, no problems. This is my 2nd dress from this company. The dress is well made. The only problem I had was the zipper. The fabric was flowy and light. Loved the dress. I will order from this company again.
Azazie Rudy JBD
By babyruth on November 22, 2016
Hello, I just wanted to thank Azazie, their staff member Paulette and seamtresses on the work they did for my daughter's Junior Bridesmaid dress .My daughter is only 12 years old but is considered plus size for her age. The staff actually worked with me on a custom size dress for her in a junior bridesmaid pattern. Thank you so much ! This was important to me because I wanted an age appropriate dress where she could still retain her youthfulness . I rarely write reviews, but I'm very impressed on the service and professionalism of this company that I would like to share these photos with others.
Azazie Dora JBD
By plewis12 on November 21, 2016 Dress Color: Burgundy
Thrilled with the dress. Had to trust the measurements as my niece (jr bridesmaid) was flying in the day of the event and having the dress delivered here. Only needed a slight adjustment that was taken care of with a safety pin. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for the special dress!
Azazie Ginger
By Trina on November 21, 2016
I had all my bridesmaids in mulberry in this awesome dress. The color was perfect and the dress was high quality. The only issue we had was with the custom sizing. All my girls ordered with custom measurements and they all had to get their dress altered when they came in. The biggest problem was that they came too long. Other than that, they were gorgeous and flattering on all my beautiful bridesmaids.
Azazie Louise BG
By coolauntsha on November 21, 2016 Dress Color: White
I loved my dress it fit like a glove, it was light weight and very elegant. I received tons of comments and many assumed I paid lots of money for it. I will use this site again when I need a special dress
Azazie Regina
By glamisfox1988 on November 15, 2016 Dress Color: Wisteria
The color matches quite closely to how it appears online. The dress arrived quicker than I expected and fit pretty well for the measurements I took (I was almost exactly a 10 per the AZAZIE size chart so I did not custom order); I really just need it hemmed as it is just too long regardless of the shoes I try to pair it with. The dress is of great quality and the back detail is just as cute as it appears!
Sample Dress
By Rachel Dalton on November 15, 2016
Love this dress! I ordered my sample too big and it still looks good! Can't wait to order one with custom measurements!
Azazie Fantasia BG
By Rachel Dalton on November 15, 2016
Love this dress! I ordered my sample too big and it still looks good! Can't wait to order one with custom measurements!
Azazie Swatches - Bridesmaids & Wedding Party
By hbenn on November 15, 2016
I loved the swatches! i ordered dusty rose, mulberry, champagne and ivory as shown in the picture! they are a great size and you are able to pull them apart and layer as the dress that you may be interested in is made. the only thing i would change about this site is that some of the sample photos are on a white background and it would be more similar to the swatches maybe if it was on a different background as the white can sometimes wash out the color or yellow it. but other than that i absolutely love this site!
Azazie Kaleigh
By jhena4 on November 06, 2016 Dress Color: Dusty Rose
I am very grateful Azazie has such a wide selection of dresses and styles at a reasonable price; finding a dress in the appropriate color and style was made simple. The dress arrived ahead of schedule (at least a week prior) in plenty of time to have the straps slightly altered. I am 5'4, usually a size 4/6, but a size 4 was loose on me, particularly concerning the straps. However, this was an easy fix and the resulting adjustments left a very comfortable fit. It may be best to customize your size (the dress is also quite long). Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.
Azazie Haleigh
By Jessbh on November 03, 2016
This dress came quickly and fit great! Looked amazing and the quality was awesome especially for the price. Will definitely be using azazie for my bridesmaids. Burgundy color.
Azazie Elaine
By June on November 03, 2016
This was my first time ordering from Azazie and it did not disappoint! The dress is great quality and the shipping was quick. I ordered my regular size and it fit like a glove besides the length! Luckily my mom does alterations but she had to take off a good 6 inches. Regardless I am SO happy with this purchase that I recommended this website for another wedding I'm in. I can't wait to try another dress!
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